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AVOID Skin and Vein Centers in MI. These are D.O.'S with absolutely no training in cosmetic surgery, performing cosmetic surgery.

They are skin and vein doctors. Anybody with a "medical degree" can perform cosmetic surgery with LESS THAN 1 HOUR OF TRAINING.

These D.O.'S are not "certified" by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the American Board of Surgery, they claim "certification" by "college" and "academy", WHAT????

Skin and Vein Center is UNDER INVESTIGATION by the State of MI because of the MANY, MANY COMPLAINTS AGAINST THEM. Call State of MI Health Investigation Division Alan Shulgon 313-456-0458 to confirm this.

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Don't let a DENTIST, I mean d.o., skin and vein d.o. perform cosmetic surgery on you.

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